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Facilities Modernization

In order to strengthen the infrastructure supporting the qualitative business , installed at the factory in Plati :

  1. New automation systems. Company H < S. Bi . Automation> has undertaken the modernization of existing automation with PLC and SCADA aiming at improving production processes.

  2. The robot palletising bags installed in ELVIZ SA by the company Innovation Systems ( Papastergiou A. & SONS OE ) . The line is fully automatic palletising with capacity up to 900 - 1000 bags / h. The line includes pallet conveyors bags of four packaging machines , strip buffers and system alignment of bags for better palette . Also the supply system has a maximum empty pallet storage of 15 licenses. This line is capable of storaging and transporting of the filled pallet up to four pallets mode.

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The EL.V.IZ company is active since 1969 with two manufacturing plants constituting the largest feed industry in Greece.

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