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EL.VI.Z. S.A. founded in 1963. Launched in 1969 with two manufacturing plants in Platy Imathias (1969) and Petrohori Xanthi (1993), always offering to the Greek breeder of excellent quality products. The quality is guaranteed and the application system ISO 22000. The purpose of establishing and operating the EL.VI.Z AE is to offer to the Greek farmer a balanced and healthy feed, which activates the highest productivity of animals, and improving the quality of husbandry products and their production costs. EL.VI.Z. until 2011 belonged to ATE Bank. In February 2012, 99.9 % of the shares acquired by the group EUROFARM SA The company continue to operate as independent legal person, respecting the tradition of ELVIZ in producing high quality products that have a special place in the Greek Animal Feed Market. The group Eurofarm SA pioneer in the field of primary production, vertical integration of the production in the field of animal husbandry, for the benefit of the Greek peasant - farmer and the rural economy of our country. The production of wheat , corn, non-genetically modified soybean is in Macedonia and Thrace via Contractual agriculture takes place with the full support of agronomists group EUROFARM SA Our products are assured by the use of certified raw materials with the highest quality protocols for integrated management and additional certification for raw materials free from genetically modified organisms and dangerous aflatoxins.

The EL.V.IZ company is active since 1969 with two manufacturing plants constituting the largest feed industry in Greece.

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